Adventure parks in india hyderabad

If you are looking for an exciting and thrilling experience and want to spend your day out there adventuring, then district gravity is the perfect destination for that. And I am saying this from my experience over there. I’ve attended several camps and have been to numerous tracks. I am something of an adventurer myself and let me assure you that the experience that you’ll get at District Gravity will be a genuine one.


So I bought the commando course package for District Gravity and it was perfect, at least for me it was. The package is perfectly balanced with the right amount of intense adventurous activities for the adrenaline junkies while being doable for people who just want to get a normal adventure experience.


The package that I bought included a rope course, multi-activity tower (Wall climbing, net climbing, slithering etc), a human slingshot, giant swing, archery and rifle shooting in it. And it was all just for a price of 999. These activities will keep you occupied throughout your day will providing you the right amount change from your usual everyday stuff.


The package also includes add on like the splash (water park) for Rs 500 and buffet worth Rs:599 and 499 for adults and kids respectively.

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