Business Investment Opportunities and Loan Available


We work as an investment consultancy that has been hired by a group of investors from Europe and the GCC who have come together putting their resources to invest in lucrative business projects having good ROI.

We are open to receive proposals from private individuals, business owners or company owners mostly running businesses which need additional capital for expansion from 1-100 Million Dollars.

These Financial holdings grants loans on clear loan terms up-to 100 million dollars depending on the investment project plan of the beneficiary company.

We are looking for openings in the following countries : United Arab Emirates , Qatar , Bahrain , Oman , Saudi Arabia , Indonesia, Afghanistan , Iran , Turkey , Brunei , Singapore , India , Europe , Latin America , USA , Canada, Russia, Turkmenistan, Africa etc…
Investors have interest in the following fields:

1. Real Estate/Construction
2. Oil and gas
3. Jewellery
4. Bakery & Pastry
5. Import/ Export
6. Supermarkets
7. Industries
8. Social Rehabilitation Centres
9. Mining

N/B We need direct business owners no middle men no brokers send your business proposals and target amount directly to our email below.

Mr. Muahamad Mey
Senior Partner- Investment Consultant
Globalbiz Investment Consultancy Group

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