CAFE MOKA Wristbands for sale

Awesome wristbands are one of an effective way to promote and advertise a group, a team, an organization or something certain etc. And this batch of custom made wristbands are made for promoting Cafe Moka, we can clear see”CAFÉ MOKA” is printed on them using red ink, look bright and eye-catching. We call them CAFE MOKA Wristbands based on the topic.

CAFE MOKA Wristbands are made of white silicone material, look pure and clean, not only can promote CAFE MOKA well, but also can be worn by every people duo to the soft and comfortable features.

Actually, we have designed hundreds of thousands of silicone wristbands no minimum for customers around the world.While these CAFE MOKA Wristbands are one kind of them, all rubber wristbands custom cheap if you are in need.


Custom wristbands Size: 8*1/2


Thickness: 1.5mm


Style: Printed with one color wristbands

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