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Buy Online Generic Xeloda 500mg and 150mg Tablets, after releasing the patent of manufacturing company Roche then many company manufactures a generic version of Xeloda e.g. Natco Pharma manufactures Capnat 500mg, manufactures by Celon labs trade name is Capcel 500mg and many other. Indian Capecitabine is a type of chemotherapy called an anti-metabolite. The body changes capecitabine into a common chemotherapy drug called fluorouracil. Xeloda 500mg stops cells making and repairing DNA. Cancer cells need to make and repair DNA so they can grow and multiply. Purchase generic versions of Capecitabine or its alternatives from true Indian Pharmacy at cheap cost with quality assurance with guaranteed shipping in China, USA, Hong Kong, UK, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Hungary, Belarus, Philippines, UAE, Jordan, Finland, New Zealand and many other across the world.

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