Imatinib | Veenat 100mg and 400mg | Indian Glivec Price

MedsDots provides Veenat 100mg Capsules & Veenat 400 mg Tablets which contains Imatinib Mesylate same as brand Gleevec. Veenat 100mg and 400mg Tablets by Natco Pharma Limited available at a reasonable price. Generic Glivec Tablet is an anticancer medicine which is basically used for treat and prevention of cancers of the blood cells, stomach, intestine, bone marrow, and skin. MedsDots supplying Indian Imatinib Veenat Tablets across all over the world, countries like U.K., U.S.A, Nepal, China, Japan, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Russia, Romania, Russia, and many other countries. We are working towards improving the lives of people by supplying Generic Medicines at reasonable prices.

If you need to order Veenat Tablets – Veenat 100mg and 400mg Tablets, you can contact us anytime 24*7. For any query and discount call us at -> +91-9953810074, QQ: 3232648085, Skype: medsdots, WeChat: medsdots, or mail: .

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