Natural Treatment of Leukorrhea with Herbal Remedies

A very common problem among young ladies is Leucorrhoea which is a condition where a thick and sticky discharge releases from their vagina. Leucorrhoea is a natural defense mechanism which preserves the flexibility of vaginal tissues by lubricating It is not a disease but symptom in some diseases like diabetes, anemia or in some bacterial infections.


Improper dietary food habits and improper lifestyle.
Repeated abortions
Excess sexual intercourse.


Regular douching with a decoction prepared with tender guava leaves, the bark of banyan tree is considered to be very beneficial.
Soak 3 to 3 ladyfinger in a big glass of water overnight, early in the morning, drink the water for better results.

Ayurvedic Treatment:

Planet Ayurveda provides some Herbal Remedies to treat Leucorrhoea naturally.

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