Medical plugs equipment connector ,waterproof vacuum bipolar RF socket and plug the circular M23 Series is a waterproof connector specifically designed and developed for use in intensive, demanding operational conditions. It ensures operational stability and high-level performance under moisture, vibration, and temperature fluctuations. The circular M23 Series is utilized in a wide-range of applications, such as industrial automation machinery and medical equipment. Due to potential variations in electrical currents across various applications, we offer customized pin configurations suited to your specific needs. The circular M23 Series includes a molded cable type along with both assembly and panel type, waterproof vacuum bipolar RF socket and plug which is designed for primarily transferring both power and analog or digital signals. A metallic external shield is also available, with removal internal plastic components and terminals.

Xime Connector Technology is a professional manufacturer of industrial sensor waterproof connectors M5,M8,M9,M12,M16,M23,providing threaded waterproof connectors,m12 connectors,electronic harness design and development,2D 3D design services,MC4 connector cables,M8 connector,M12 adapter splitter cables,push pull connector,solar connector,Medical plugs equipment connector,military equipment waterproof box,car wiring harness,etc.

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